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Head Housekeeper Needed Urgently At Thompson, MB. To apply for the position of the Head Housekeeper, simply follow the steps below.,
Are you tired of staying at home and submitting CV’s to different establishments? Do you have a cleaning experience and can clean in large organizations? well, if yes, apply to The Burntwood Hotel as they seek for persons to fill the position of the Head Housekeeper with a salary paid hourly at the range of $14 – $16 per hour. If interested then apply as this opportunity is not always available.
Duties and responsibilities Of the Head Housekeeper
  • Supervises the housekeeping department daily.
  • Arrange and adjust work schedules.
  • Ensure rooms are thoroughly cleaned in time
  • rain workers in the use of materials needed for their daily activities/work.
  • Conduct disciplinary action on employees.
  • Perform training and orientation programs for new staff.
  • Inspect equipments to know the ones that are not in good shape and report to the appropriate body.
  • Ensure that all hotel services are delivered at the highest levels.
  • Report defects and maintenance needs to the maintenance departments.
  • Ensure that all allocated bedroom to guest are clean and kept in order.
  • Recommend if equipments are to be changed.
  • Ensure to communicate ready rooms to front desk on a regular.
  • Ensure that corridors and public areas are clean and well maintained.
  • Follow right standards and procedures to maintain healthy work environment

Eligibility Criteria To Apply As A Head Housekeeper

  • You must have a previous housekeeping experience of about 3 years.
  • You must undergo a first aid and WHMIS training.
  • You must be able to lead and motivate a team
  • You must be quality focused.

Job Location

Available at The Burntwood Hotel, Thompson, MB.

Job Position

Head Housekeeper.

Salary Range

$14 – $16 per hour

Employment Term

Full-time job

Application Deadline

Not Stated.

How To apply

Source: indeed.ca
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