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Some Part-Time Jobs Available For International Students. There are various part-time jobs available for international students and some are listed below.,
When you study in Canada as an international student, you have an advantage on some job opportunities especially on the part-time jobs. Canada having some of the best universities and wonderful job market, makes students across the globe come to the country (Canada) to study. Also as unemployment is very low, it makes it one of the best place to reside.
Ones main responsibility as a student is to just study and graduate with excellent grades but you have to also make ends meet. Getting a job as an international student, helps reduce financial pressure. However, most part-time jobs for international students offer benefits. Below are some of the part-time jobs available for international students in Canada:


This is one of the jobs available on part-time bassis for international students. It is better to do something than waste your holiday at home while your mates are busy making money for themselves to help reduce the load on their parents/sponsors. This job is available and in high demand, pays well and stress free.


If you are sure of being academically sound, then this job could be the best option for you. You can decide to teach/tutor other college students. It is will even help refresh your mind.


This job is usually available and it pays well. You get tips from this job most times and it keeps you away from trouble.

Sales Jobs

Most students get job in big supermarkets and they are well paid for it. Atimes, they are even retained after graduation.

Investor Relations

This job is an excellent option for most students as most employers appreciate the dynamic energy of students. If you are lucky to get employed as an investor relation, you will meet very influential persons in the society and even attend conferences and this could enhance your network.
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