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Joined Kingdom Scholarships For Foreign Less Privilege African Students 
koll made the Skoll Foundation in 1999 to seek after his vision of a maintainable universe of harmony and flourishing. 
Driven by CEO Sally Osberg from 2001 to 2018, and now driven by Interim President Richard Fahey, our central goal is to drive genuinely transformative change—harmony change—by supporting the social business people who perceive the frameworks needing change and after that advance social advancement by growing incredible models for change that disturb a problematic the present state of affairs and change our reality to improve things. 
By recognizing the general population and projects as of now bringing positive change far and wide, we engage them to broaden their scope, develop their effect, and essentially enhance society on a neighborhood to worldwide scale. Since 1999, the Skoll Foundation has driven the charge for social business enterprise, floated by the information that social business people are the world's most logical option for tackling a portion of world's thorniest issues 
The Skoll Foundation has contributed roughly $470 million around the world, including the Skoll Award to 128 social business people and 106 associations on five mainlands 
Said Business School 
MBA Degree 
Concentrate in: UK 
Brief portrayal: 
The Skoll MBA Scholarship is an aggressive grant for approaching MBA understudies who seek after enterprising answers for dire social and natural difficulties. The Scholarship gives financing and selective chances to meet with incredibly famous business visionaries, thought-pioneers and speculators. 
Host Institution(s): 
Said Business School at University of Oxford, UK. 
Field of study: 
Full-time Masters in Business Administration (MBA) 
Number of Awards: 
Up to 5 consistently 
Target gathering: 
Home/global understudies 
Grant esteem/incorporations: 
The grant takes care of the full expenses of educational cost and school charges for the MBA program just as fractional everyday costs dependent on need, up to an extra £8,000. 
1. Pioneering activity 
• You have distinguished chances and made a move so as to have positive social effect 
• You have spent ideally somewhere around 3 years driving change through innovative methodologies. For instance, you could have: 
– Started or grown a social endeavor 
– OR drove the extension of a social effect activity inside an association 
– OR been handling an explicit social/ecological issue, through a center string that joins your work 
2. Making sway with an attention on frameworks change 
• You can exhibit the results and effect of your innovative activity 
• Your effect tends to out of line frameworks and practice in your general vicinity of work 
3. Individual characteristics of a social business person 
• You are a power for positive change 
• You are resolute and tenacious, with an eagerness to fizzle and begin once more 
• You have inclination toward activity 
• You tend to investigate your condition for circumstances and assets 
• You have an ability to take individual, and now and then money related, dangers 
• You create systems and use individuals to seek after shared objectives 
• You have apprenticed with the problem* or encountered the issue you are endeavoring to settle 
4. The Oxford MBA is basic to your profession direction 
• You can exhibit why business training is fundamental in building up your work/affect at this stage 
5. Money related need 
• You are in a position where the expense of the program is a critical monetary weight 
• You can show the requirement for the Scholarship (for instance, because of past work encounters or individual conditions) 
Application guidelines: 
To apply for the Skoll Scholarship, you first need to apply and be acknowledged onto the Saïd Business School's MBA program. Hopefuls must apply in stages 1-2 of the MBA confirmations process. 
To be considered for the grant, you should tick the "Skoll Scholarship" box when you present your MBA application. When you've gotten affirmation that you have been acknowledged onto the MBA program, the Skoll Center will send you a connection to the Scholarship online application which you should finish. The due dates for Stage 1 and 2 affirmation rounds are 7 September and 2 November individually. 

Below is the official portal for all country applications. Through this portal, one can choose his/her country which will give you on-country eligibility criteria. Official Commonwealth scholarship application portal
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